Tanning cream on deer head

Submitted by James on 1/18/02. ( )

I read an article on deer mounting and when the time came to tan they poured tanning cream down the ears and brush around (hair side).
They also brushed around the eyes and lips.Now will this make more work on setting the hair in shape,or change colour.I have mounted 6 deer and all turned out in goodshape.And can this be done for other game.
Thanks for any advice, James

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Hair side!

This response submitted by Gerry on 1/18/02. ( )

I have used tanning cream for many years but never herd of it used on the hair side.

yes hair side

This response submitted by james on 1/18/02. ( )

Yes i read it in the manual of Sallie Dahmes taxidermy text.
They show them pouring and brushing the tanning cream in the ear,
ect. Just don't say anything about what happens next.

Did I miss something AGAIN?

This response submitted by George on 1/18/02. ( georoof@aol.com )

I use JRTS and I always coat the inside of the ears (hair side) IF i'm leaving the cartilage in. Now would you mind telling me the difference in that practice and what happens in a tannery when the hide is submerged? I THINK both the hair and the skin come into contact with the acid. Acid doesn't harm it, alkali is what breaks down protein.


This response submitted by JAMES on 1/19/02. ( )

Thanks for your opinions,and i shall give it a try.

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