Bird tanning solution?

Submitted by Valentin Potchekansky,Bulgaria on 1/20/02. ( )

Greetings to all participants in the Forums,with the best wishes for the New Year!
Gentlemen,I would like to get some advice for the bird tan formula.May I use succefully the Aluminium Sulphate(AL2(SO4)3),or other Alums in the solution,instead of the Lutan F ?
I reviewed my old taxidermy magazines and found an article (Breakthrough,issue 33),by our good friend Bruce Rittel,who recommend the Alums as a agents in the pickling formulas for mammals.I will apreciate every opinion!Best regards!Valentin

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Bird Tans

This response submitted by George on 1/20/02. ( )

are about as useless as windshield wipers on a cats butt. The skin is too thin to waste time and money trying to preserve it. Use borax or dry preservative. It's worked for eons.

Borax 95%. Alum 5% is all you need for birds.

This response submitted by John C on 1/20/02. ( )

Like Roofster says. bird tanning is a over kill. Just mix the powders together and sprinkle the skin very well.

Roofster ? ? ?

This response submitted by Tim on 1/21/02. ( )



This response submitted by Valentin Potchekansky on 1/27/02. ( )

Thank you very much for the responses to you,George and John!
I think I will follow up your advices...
Thanks again and best wishes!

How to?

This response submitted by Jim Schwartz on 11/11/2002. ( )

I'm a rookie, never done any tanning and don't know where to begin. Lots of questions. Where do I get alum? Use it dry or in a paste. What proportions? How to apply? How long to leave on? How to remove? - etc.

Thanks - Jim Schwartz

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