swelled capes

Submitted by Walter Heatherly on 1/20/02. ( waltjeri@yahoo.com )

I have two capes that have swelled up to where they are 1/4 inch thick is there anything I can do with them now or are they no good,I had them in a pickle of Bascal S,vinegar and Basacryl nu-bk for 48 hours the flesh has curled up and pulped in some places.

thanks for any response

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That's the whole idea

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 1/20/02. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

That's why we pickle, to make the hide sweel so that it will be easier to shave the hide down thin. After 3 days in the pickle take the hide out and drain for 15-30-min. Shave the hide down till you see a blueish tint. This is where you stop shaving, if you go any farther you will cut through the hiar roots.

After you shave the hide place it back in the pickle for another 24 hrs. This makes sure the wholee hide is pickled and then it will be ready for you to take out neturalize and then tan.

Where is the SALT?

This response submitted by John C on 1/20/02. ( )

You did not need Basacryl NB-KU. Its is use as a bacteriacide. A good pickle solution does not need any bacteriscide.

Looks like you left out the salt? Four pounds to the gallon. I use a baume meter and float it to 80% or higher. I would suggest you get one.

4 LBS/gal?

This response submitted by Dan K on 1/20/02. ( furandhide@papadocs.com )

Sorry to question your ability to dissolve salt, but 2 1/2 lbs to the gal is 95%..How do you get 4 lbs/gal? And why would you even want that much? Dan K

I agree with dan

This response submitted by Alan on 1/21/02. ( outdoordecortax@hotmail.com )

Your problem is this, you did not put enough salt in with your pickle but 4lbs is a bit much. I use 1lb of salt per gallon of water. That is plenty. The idea of pickling is to fluf the skin up but it is to stabalize the hide also. You can fix your problem by just soaking your hide in a salt bath for about an hour. then nuetralizing it. Should relieve some of the pressure. Good luck to you, Alan

Sounds like you didn't add any salt

This response submitted by h.parker on 1/21/02. ( parkerstaxidermy@earthlink.net )

Sounds like you didn't add any salt to your solution. And it sounds
like you didn't rehydrate your skins before you put them in the
solution. If this is the case and the hair is still tight I would
put in a 1pound per gallon of salt water bath and this will hopefully relax your skins. then try your pickle solution adding 1 pound
of salt per gallon of pickle.

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