tech question for bruce!

Submitted by frank on 1/20/02. ( )

If you knew you had a iffy skin and was using aluminum sulfate and a
pressure tanner,would you try to tan at a higher baume reading than
the normal 7.8 to 8.0 reading? And if so what would you shoot for?
By the way I mix my own. thanks alot. frank

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It wouldnt matter!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/21/02. ( )

Frank - adding more Aluminum Sulphate will not offer any extra benefit to your tan. It would simply be wasteful. When you use it there is only an X amount of the tan that can prenetrate and bond - going over that amount is simply excess!

If its an "iffy" skin you're working with, using Aluminum Sulphate should be a good choice in terms of tightening up the roots of the fur or hair. Alum tans tend to shrink the skins and in turn, this tightens up the fur or hair.

Bruce Rittel
Rittels Tanning Supplies

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