What do you think of spray tanning?

Submitted by David M. aka Heavy D. on 1/21/02. ( )

I'm going to stir up a very good conversation and see what everyone thinks. I will post my message tomorrow when I have more time because it will take me a few minutes to type it up, rather lengthy. Anyway I have been doing alot of research on different types of tans, I know spray tan is not a "tan" but a fix. Anyway post your thoughts and tune in tomorrow for mor of "Pros and Cons of Spray Tan"!

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We dont know how long a cape will last with it,

This response submitted by John C on 1/21/02. ( )

Its right in there with DP in my book. dnatured alchohol and witch hazel.

Spray Tan

This response submitted by Randy on 1/21/02. ( danlbun@aol.com )

I've used Spray Tan for about two years and have had excellent results.Before using Spray tan procedure I used DP and had great results.DP seems to shrink more than spray tan.I use Spray Tan from Ben Mears,not sure what it is made of,but I thought it was denatured alcohol and borax.

Great Product

This response submitted by Kenneth on 1/21/02. ( bauman@caddoelectric.net )

George and John C. knows this is my favorite subject on the forum. I have had incredible results with Sodium Sulphate and Spray tan. About a month ago, I wrote a post about Spray Tan. Check back about a month or two ago. Most on here will blast this method, but the results are excellent. I have been watching a piece for about 5 years now, that is in gas station here in town. It looks better and is holding up better than the other mounts he has in there. They were tanned with everything from DP to commercial tanning. For now it is the choice for me. It doesn't contain any DP, this came straight from Ben. I am sure my buddy George will have something to say, but I bet he hasn't tried it yet. I challenges him to last posting. When, I first saw the product, I said there is no way I would every use it. Today, I have used it on a wide variety of animals and have had no ill effects, no slipping, no drumming, minimal painting, minimal shrinkage, no capes not fitting properly and unruley hair. I cannot say this about all the older methods I have used in my shop. Good Luck, e-mail me if you want my method of using it.

spray tans

This response submitted by mike on 2/2/02. ( )

i have used a product called sure cure i dont consider myself a master taxidermist but i spend 150 hours a year bowhunting and am very critical on how my deer look mounted a friemnd of my has been using it for about 5yrs and all the deer still look good at this point i am a big fan

Spray tan

This response submitted by Larry Barnett on 2/7/02. ( lbarnett@rectec.net )

Thanks to Bauman i im hooked on spray tan i went to his shop and others that have been using it. I desided to give it a try and i love it. Thanks Kenith

Can you find this in the uk

This response submitted by Gabby on 6/10/02. ( gabbyg@perriam-everett.co.uk )

Is spray tanning available in the uk?

Is spray tanning available in Australia?

This response submitted by Cathy on 08/09/2002. ( cathy@lamrocks.com.au )

Is spray tanning available in Australia?

professional spray tanning

This response submitted by Britt on 08/10/2002. ( www.mixtreeme@aol.com )

is there any places that has professional spray tanning? that they will do it for you ?PLEASE respond back by emailing me i really need an answer
thank you

spray tanning

This response submitted by elizabeth james on 12/10/2002. ( )

i am using spray tanning each week.
no need for solariams, creams or the hot sun anymore

IS there a spray tanning center in toronto

This response submitted by Rosalinda Casalese on 01/24/2003. ( rosalinda@strone.ca )

I would like to know if there is an avilable center for spray tanning in toronto.

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