Here goes the spray tan question

Submitted by Heavy D. on 1/21/02. ( )

Well I've reviewed the post from last night and searched some of the old post. I realize that this is obviously not a new topic but yet one of extreme interest. That's why I ask others what they thought of spray tan. I have used spray tan in the past and like other have experimented with several different tans and have learned several different things. Even though I have mounted several deer with the spray tan method I felt as if I may not have been putting the best product out that I could so I changed. There are some things that I didn't like about the spray tan. I do feel that when it comes to drying time hide will pull more than a tanned hide, or lets say in some cases. Also mount a spray tanned hide in the middle of the summer, wait two or three days and smell it. Believe me I get my hides clean, by fleshing, salting, shaving, using skife knife around facial areas, etc. I have mount several deer that looked great after the spray tan method was used. One thing that I liked about it was that I could cheat the measurements. I can take a spray tanned hide and stretch it far more than a tanned hide. However when it dries it may pull at the stitches. I think this has to do with the fluids contained in the skin, I'm not sure. By this I mean the more fluids the better the stretch, likewise the opposite. So I guess there are pros and cons on both sides. I've learned this through experience that you really can't tan a hide for what it cost to have it done commercially. Around $30.00 to $35.00 for a commercial tan. Add your time and chemicals if you do it yourself. So I am preping hides to send of to a tannery for the first time. I hope I am satisified with the results. But then again I have customers saying "I want that big swollen neck that it had when I took it". I feel like spray tanning these ones so that I can cheat the measurements. Now you may be asking what is your point. Here is more more thing. There is a taxidermist in the area that is using spray tan only. Some people think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Sometimes I want to say "your hide is not tanned, it was basically mounted green". What do you think the response would be? I keep as busy as I need but I will admit that I have lost a customer or two the other for what I feel a lesser product, and he charges more! You may say what did they go to him because of you, well you have to know the whole story. Anyway I guess I am somewhat frustrated about this whole tanning thing but yet I have pretty much stuck with the thought of commercial tanning is the way to go. Like I said earlier I read post from Bruce Rittel, and John Bellucii (don't know if I spelled that right) and admire there feelings. So I guess I'll shut up and se if anyone has an opinion.

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This response submitted by George on 1/21/02. ( )

GET REAL! If there is that much "interest", why are the major suppliers knocking the doors off for it. ANSWER: All you have to do is pour DP in a bottle. This is about as interesting as Marilyn Monroe's bunyons. If truth in advertising translated in non-fiction titles, this stuff wouldn't even be around.

I think you missed the whole point George

This response submitted by Heavy D. on 1/21/02. ( )

I think you missed the whole point George. It is of great interest to me and this is why I ask this question on this forum so that I may learn. Why because I am facinated with the whole tanning process and the work the people put in behind it. The thing was to ask explain to me why tanning is better. WHY? Can you tell me George, maybe you can. I have achieved alot of different things in my life and I achieved them by asking questions and raising conversations. This happens to be one of them because nobody can answer that amazing question. Ben Mears is a friend of mine and as far as I'm concerned mounts great looking deer and as several world titles the back him up. He uses spray tan. Go tell Ben his product isn't worth a damn. I have used all kinds of tans, I think you missed that part too. I am now currently tanning my own with Lutan-F because I "FEEL" better about it. But what am I gaining? That's all I want to learn my friend, not how SARCASTIC you are about my learning questions! What is interesting to you George so that I may slam you when I see one of your post.


This response submitted by not interested on 1/22/02. ( )

this dead horse has been beat to death in the archives.


This response submitted by not a ass on 2/7/02. ( )

Is george even a taxidermist or just a smart ........ He sounds like he is real good he spends all his time on here being a ass. If he would spend as much time on taxidermy as he does knocking everyone he might make something out of his self. Get a life Gearge.

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