Hide shrinking and Kemel4 question

Submitted by Lonewolf50 on 1/21/02. ( )

I have been tanning at home for 3 years now. I cape turn the lips,eyes, and ears , then salt a couple hours shake it out salt for another 4 or so hours then shake it out and salt over night. I then use a Safty acide pickle PH of 1 1lbs. salt per gallon of water . after 3 days or so I take the hide out hang it about 1 hr. then roll it up in towels for about 1 hr. then I shave it . I have a shaving Machine I'm not real good with it but I try to shave until I see a bluish color. my shaving probably not real even but its definatly thined alot. then I put it back in the pickle over night nuterlize it then use Liquid-Tan . I am getting alot of shrinkage. I have just started using Kemel-4 in my pickle so I don't know if that will help yet or not . My most recent cape is a huge #240 dressed ontario buck . When I got the cape I was told is was 28" around the neck over the hair . the nose is 8 3/4" eye to nose. I couldn't measure it as I was given only the cape . but I can say of the 30 or so I've handled it's huge. I'm doing a tube mount on it after pickleing it and shaving it very thin I'm measuring 21" behind the ears. I have seen the pics. of this deer it looked like a herford bull. The neck on the cape appears very long . I can't beleive its only 21" . on most my other capes I am losing 1-1 1/2 " 0n the neck. any suggestions ? my next question is can I use Kemel-4 in my pre mount rinse ? thanks to all ........K

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Should have got the measurements

This response submitted by Chad on 1/21/02. ( w_chad@hotmail.com )

When you get just a cape in you can still measure it. Just lay it open spread it all out and take your measurements with the cape laid out flat. Never go by what the customer tells you. I have found that the deer they say is 28" is most often 23". Customers always think there bigger than what they really are! The main thing is always get take measurements for yourself and use what you get.



About Saftee Acid!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/21/02. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

I don't know a lot about Kemel 4 and Liqua-Tan (they're not my products and I dont use them) - but I do know about Saftee Acid! Don't add anything to it! Keep it simple - Saftee Acid, Salt and Water! If you do add anything to it - because you use so little Saftee Acid to maintain a low PH - your PH will shoot sky-high! ALWAYS take PH readings. You want your Saftee Acid pickle below a 2.0. Mine is always 1.1-1.5. This PH works very good for me.


This response submitted by Mark on 1/22/02. ( Knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

When you neutralize the skin as soon as you pull it out and rinse it
drian it real good. You can spin in a washing machine, then hang for an
hour, you want to make the skin real thirsty to soak up the Liqua Tan.
On some tube capes you will see some minor problems just because it is a
tube. You did touch on one point, the shaving is a very key factor.
Knoblochs Tanning chemicals

I hope you don't get slammed Lonewolf

This response submitted by Heavy D. on 1/23/02. ( )

Well Lonewolf I hope you don't get slammed, humiliated, knocked down, etc for asking a simple question as you have. I was basically asking the same thing in the post after this one "Here's the spray tan question" because I too have seen when using a true tan you don't have the size and stretch. I want my stuff tanned. I have been mounting for 10 years and have used all sorts. I want the question answered why am I losing my size on my capes. I thin them down with my eager beaver to the point sometimes I can see hair folicles and still don't get the size I feel they were when they come in. Give me a cape and I'll use spray perservative, aka spray tan, and I'll have the same size if not more. But hey I've already said too much, and nobody has answered my question nor has yours been answered. I just have a bad taste in my mouth from the bigger ego's on this site. I wish they were all like John C., Mr. Rittle to name a few. The problem you have is kinda like mine you only want to put out a good product and by doing this you use a true tan or have them commercially tanned. However you don't want the customer leaving pissed off because the deer he shot was much bigger than the one he got back!

Let me clarify something

This response submitted by Heavy D. on 1/23/02. ( )

Once I read this it sounded as if I was cutting Mr. Rittle or John C. which I am not. They are some of the most helpful people on this site as some others are and I hope they continue. There are some that quite honeslty are, well I'd better not say. Thanks to those that help your help is appreciated.

Length and circumference

This response submitted by TJ on 1/24/02. ( wildartvt@aol.com )

Heavy D, I was wondering if the length of your capes stay the same, shorten, or lenthen. Your cape is probable getting longer: therefore making your necks smaller. All my Y-incisions gain in length, and I usually stretch them on a larger neck mannikin. Keep pulling it over, let it sit, then pull it over some more...etc. It may take a while but it will stretch.

Not sure if this will help, but it was just a thought I had.

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