Waterproof Tags

Submitted by Larry on 1/22/02. ( agfslmes@dpc.net )

Anyone know of a place (ie office supply store) to get waterproof tags to ID my capes. Kinda need in a hurry... wanting to find them locally. Any ideas, I've tried Staples and Office Depot with no luck.



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try livestock ID tags

This response submitted by Roger on 1/22/02. ( Emery30@msn.com )

Generally speaking, the livestock ID tags are plastic with imprinted numbers. You can purchase them at the agricultural supply stores and they work well for the home tanning processes.

id tags

This response submitted by woody on 1/22/02. ( ljbawood@localnet.com )

You can cut some out of piece of plecsaglass.Then drill holes in them. Use plastic wire ties through nose. You can put numbers or letters on them useing a drill to ensribe them. I just made some up this week. Woody

anything plastic

This response submitted by Dan K on 1/22/02. ( furandhide@papadocs.com )

You can use anything plastic from milk jugs to butter bowls. Make a hole to tie to with string or plastic bread ties and punch mark with holes of your invoice or job ID number. Make them 1 x 3 in. or so and cut off old number to re-use.
Dan K


This response submitted by Gary Frehse ( Frehse Taxidermy Studio ) on 1/22/02. ( frehtaxi@kuntrynet.com )

If you are doing your own tanning a dyno marker works great. Put on your job # and make a small slit in leg area of capes and staple. lifesize you can either make it extra long and go through ear or make a slit and worry about it later. Gary (<:

Tyvek house wrap

This response submitted by Randall on 1/23/02. ( )

You can use tyvek house wrap. You can get scraps from building sites. Use a water proof marker and it will last through the complete tanning, oil and all. You can buy them with an eyelet at Flynn taxidermy supply. Hope this helps.

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