formaldahyde-formic acid

Submitted by Mark Fulmer on 1/22/02. ( )

A friend of mine tans rabbit hides and is looking for a place to buy formaldahyde & formic acid preferably in central ohio.

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industy icon

This response submitted by jen on 1/23/02. ( )

try the industry icon to the left of the screen

Tell him to use PRESERVZ-IT!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/27/02. ( )

Rittel's PRESERVZ-IT is a direct replacement for Formaldehyde. It's still an aldehyde - but not a carcinogen like Formaldehyde!

Have him go to the website at:

I wrote an article on the many uses for this product. Or he can e-mail me directly at:


This response submitted by afas on 10/25/2002. ( afasga )

this is gay

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