alum pickle

Submitted by frank on 1/22/02. ( )

Has anyone tried to pickle in a pressure tanner with alum. sulfate
followed by a paint on tan such as kwik-n-eze or liqua tan? thanks

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2hr pickle

This response submitted by Mark on 1/23/02. ( )

What I have done is run a 2 hour citric acid pickle. Shave the skin
neutralize and rinse. Drain well the Liqua Tan.
I have even talked to Steve and he said that a 2 hour pickle works
great, this will work great for speeding up the pickle and allowing
it to penetrate fast and shaving. I would suggest to use the citric
acid, it will neutralize better.


thanks but

This response submitted by frank on 1/23/02. ( )

I'm wanting to include alum for the trouble skins(save) but also
prevent or reduce shrinkage during the drying period as much as
possible. thanks frank

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