How to rehydrate and re oil ez 100 skins?

Submitted by Bnt Brl on 1/23/02. ( )

Ive read through and havent exactly found my answer so Ill ask it. I have a couple skins that I would like to get a little softer and stretched more. I used ez100 and the accompanying oil from Rittel. How do I go about wetting and reoiling and restretching?


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This response submitted by Vetteman on 1/23/02. ( )

Simple solution to this is E mail Bruce, youll get your answer.

Just plain water!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/27/02. ( )

Just soak it in plain water for 30 minutes and refrigerate it overnight - then let it warm to room temp and apply another coat of oil. After that, finish like before.

OK Thanks

This response submitted by Bnt Brl on 1/27/02. ( )

Ok, thats simple enough...

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