Bruce Rittle

Submitted by jim k on 1/24/02. ( )

Bruce Ive been using the crystals in my auto tanner but
have decided to try the ez1oo could you send me instructions.

james kesterson
6290 coy burgess loop
defuniak springs fl. 32435

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how do you like it?

This response submitted by pineychick on 1/24/02. ( )

I've been thinking about the autotanner. How do you like it and how long have you had it?

Chick having owned one since the first came out

This response submitted by John C on 1/24/02. ( )

I would not be without it, its easy to tan another two capes while you are mounting a deer. You can nearly run it all the time and its working while you are at dinner, scout meetings, or sleeping. Its like having someone else in the shop working with out the expense.

One year we ran mine and had 70 capes tanned and read yo mount before season ended, we had most of the deerheads done by Feb. of that year.

It provides a good tan. that workes well with all glues.

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