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I am wondering what the concentration of an acid should be in both the pickle or tanning solutions. I see a lot of references to PH levels, but nothing about the concentration level of the acid. This is important I believe because a 1% solution can have the same PH reading as a 99% solution. Is there a specific gravity reading that should be looked for, I know the tanneries also check salt levels. Your insight is appreciated.

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Hey Steve

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What are you working on now Epo-pickle?

sorry, couldn't resist.

Paul B

I know we mispell words...

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but at least get the man's name right. It is Rittel.

Sorry for the typo!

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No, I have no plans to get into the pickle business, and if I did it would be with cucumbers :>). I just get interested in things, the more knowledgeable I am, the more I can understand how one process effects another. Who knows I may even start doing taxidermy.

Specific gravity readings can help.

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In your pickle solution control, the pH reading, done with a pH machine, will be the most important. Since you should be adding salt, maybe a Soaking Assist like SOAKZ-IT 553 and/or other things like pickle softeners ( LUBEZ-IT 610 ) or preservatives,(probably not needed here), your pH remains the most important. Specific Gravity readings done with a hydrometer, will vary because of the other additives you use. If you are making up a pickle solution which only is made up of salt and acid, made from the same batch of product each time, you can read and record the Sp. Gr. at the same temperature and use it as a control to be sure your mixture is the same. Once the batch of chemical changes, you will have to establish new Sp. Gr. readings for that batch. The water temp. also will have to be the same, since it also effects the Sp. Gr. readings. So pH is most important. Sp.Gr. can only be used as a control check. Good luck. Ret.

Pickling and concentrations!

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Formic Acid is a good example of what you refer to! You can use .9 fl. ozs. per each 1 gallon of water, as recommended for pickling - or use 1 Quart - and you'll still get a reading close to a 2.0 PH. However, there are recommended concentrations to use. Yes - acids do "bottom" out (PH wise) no matter how much you use - and this phenomemon has been linked to what furriers refer to as hair or fur "singing" - where the folicle actually begins to curl.

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