brush on tan

Submitted by steve on 1/24/02. ( )

I'm considering using a brush on tan. My hides are currently salt dried and hard(something that I've done since I've been practicing the trade, with the belief that the old freezer can check out but my customers hides will still be around). I know it is suggested that you tan the hide before it becomes air dried. My question is... is it still possible to use the brush on tan even after your hide is salt dried hard? If so what would be the proper procedure? I use to do my own tanning using Lutan F and have decided that my health was more important than the chance I was taking with the chemicals and acid. I've tried the commercial tanneries bit and have been unhappy with turn around times and the stretch I got from conventional tanning(the hides did shrink).


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Re-Hydrate and Tan

This response submitted by Don O. on 1/24/02. ( )

Re-Hydrate in salt water (1 lb. to one gallon) with a little lysol and then dry cape (spin in wahser, tumbler, blow with air) and then tan. I use Rhinehart's cream tan and am very happy with it. I like yourself dont like/feel comfortable with commercial tanneries.


This response submitted by steve on 1/24/02. ( )

Thanks Don,

After you tan the hide, do you mount it, let it dry out, or freeze it. What has worked for you?

thanks again

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