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Submitted by Shelly on 1/25/02. ( )

Hi Bruce ,

I have a small question Theres a new tannery 10 min. away from me and the question is , Can I flesh my hides as I always do then run them into the tannery with out salt drying them if he puts them into the pickle ,
the tannery told me I could , I was always told to salt dry to set hair, then rehydrate, then pickle..and so on. it just seems like I'm skipping and I don't do short cuts.... just wanted to know if the pickle will set the hair without me salt drying first ?

Thanks Shelly.....

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This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/27/02. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

Most of the Tanneries I've dealt with or worked for ask that you salt and dry them before delivery. However - if you talked to them and they said its ok - then hopefully they are willing to do it that way! I wouldnt! I do know some Tanneries will accept them that way - but they in turn do the salting and drying there, before tanning.

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