hair slipage

Submitted by Mike Armstrong on 1/26/02. ( )

I had the hair to slip on whiteyails cape hide ive done several mounts but ive never had one to slip. i need some hints on what i could of done wrong

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So do we

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 1/26/02. ( )

If we don't know all of your steps we can't help!

hair slippage

This response submitted by steve on 1/26/02. ( )

It' has been my experience that most of the slippage that has effected my work was due to the customers handling of their own hide.It has either been, they've hung the animal for a period longer than was necessary , drove around with it in their PU bed for who knows how long, or thrown it in a garage or shed until they find the time to get it to me. Even some of the butchers seem to get too far behind during the hunting season and don't get to cutting it up quickly. I would also suspect that other taxidermist have the same problems as myself. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do to reverse the damage if it has started to occur and many times you don't even find it until your well into the mounting procedure.

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