Wire wheels

Submitted by Cameron on 1/26/02. ( DrangerW@c.s. )

Gentlemen, I have seach the forum in both Tanning and Gameheads and have not found the answer to my question. Several of your answers have prefered to finish thinning with a Wire Wheel, (especially foxes and bobcats). My question is: What wire wheel is needed for these operations. Believe me, There is no information on this in the archives.

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Wire wheels

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 1/26/02. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

Go to your local hardware store Lowe's Home depot and look at the wire wheels they have. Get one that has a 4" and is fine to extra fine. Buy 2 and use them together to get less burn through.

also if you read them (archives) it will also explain on how to prep up the wheel before you use it.


This response submitted by Sagebrush Taxidermy on 1/26/02. ( )

I recently bought the bird flesher from Van Dykes. Workes great little burn threw. I hear two wheels side by side work great.
Hope that helps Dustin

Black and Decker

This response submitted by Bo on 1/27/02. ( pearsontaxidermy@att.net )

I made my wire wheel flesher from a 6" Black n Decker bench grinder that I got at Wal Mart. I simply use a 6" wire wheel designed for the grinder. I mounted it upside down, sorta like a radial arm saw,10" above my skining table. Use a little engineering cutting and trimming the exsisting guard and adding a guard or 2 to keep the crap from slinging all over and you'll have a very good wire wheel flesher for most of the furry critters.

wire wheel...

This response submitted by Valentin Potchekansky,Bulgaria on 1/27/02. ( wasbg@mailcity.com )

Hi Cameron,
The wire wheels are really very good thing for flashing fur animal skins.In my side of Europe it is very popular mashine...The wire wheel's brush size is aproximately 10 inches in diameter,and 12 inches long.I doubt you will find it in the stores!You can see pictures and some information it in the Breakthrough Magazine,issue 53(pages 35)and issue 54(pages 115),the artikles are by Bruce Rittel.If you need I can send to you a picture of my own. Best wishes! Valentin

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