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I have a Authenic benchtop flesher I have shaved a few capes with it. I am having trouble getting a even shave. I ordered a new blade for it because the one thats on it now has alot of pits and rust on the cutting edge. I bought the machine from a guy who did alot of shaving I left the adjments where they were. when I'm shaving the blade just doesn't seen to cut it seems to bounce off it removes the tallo ok but doesn't seem to shave. I can take a steel or razor blade and steel the cutting edge up then it will shave but just for a few miniutes but it's real grabby and cuts alot of holes.I'm almost having to pinch the hide so the blade is only contacing about 1/2-1" wide on the hide this is resulting in a streaky shave job. I tryed adjusting the front side gaurd so it would cut deeper that was not the answers I didn't cut well when it did It cut to much. The cape I was working on has more holes than a O.J Simpson alibi. I have the Authenic fleshing video and also the McKenzie felshing/tanning video but the both just skim over the adjustment part. Is there a video demeonsrates this better or a way I can adjust it to get me where it needs to be. Thanks K

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Oh Gerard.....where art thou?

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this ones for you

Guard adjustements

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Hi lonewolf,

Not perfectly sure you can make that machine do what you want but here is how to adjust the guards on a Quebec. By loosining the bolts,
position both guards so you expose 4 or 5 inches of blade looking at the machine from the side. If you feel its to much readjust the guards forward, if it's not enough bring them back further. This determines the with of the bite. As for the thickness you slightly push downwards half a degree to make the blade take a thinner cut or up half a degree with the left hand tonner to make it take a thick bite.

The tool used should be thin and flexable. You don't want to grind into the blade lip. If you see sparks, oil the blade with heavy motor oil. (w40 is to thin).

If the blade is pitted it probably needs a new lip. This you compare with your new blade.

If all of this doesn't work... get a Quebec Ha! Ha!


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