Hey John C. Can you

Submitted by Lance on 1/28/02. ( )

tell me how to or maybe why I seem to be having a problem with the size of capes that have returned from the tannery? I have never used a commercial tannery before and this year wanted to try.....I got my capes back and measured the cape to order my forms and when they came in I test fit and seem to be having a problem with the skin bunching up under the throat? I'm very confused! Should I try the truck innertube or something? I think they srunk some? Please give me some advice!
Thanks John,

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Well I dont seem to have that problem

This response submitted by JOhn C on 1/28/02. ( )

I hear of people having that problem, guess I have just been very lucky. I would stretch the cape back. Try the innertube trick. I am betting the are cut all the way down the back?

Relax them maybe use a touch of fabric softener. Maybe a touch of baking soda in the water too. then easily stretch, be careful as you can over do all three.


This response submitted by Lance on 1/30/02. ( )

I tried the tube method of streching a couple of them. One worked and one didn't? I'm not sure what else I can try? Maybe I'll just keep working with it and hope that once I get a good foothold when I start sewing him up that maybe things will fall in place. I hate trial and error but don't know what else to do ?
Thanks for the help John,

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