Mr Rittle I need help

Submitted by JT on 1/28/02. ( )

Mr Rittle could you please help me?Right now Iam currently picling with saftee acid then shaving,then pickling another day,nuetralizing,then after tumbled dry I apply liquid tan.It seems to be alright but I am very interested in you ez tan,could you give the ins and outs of it?Can I still picle with the saftee acid?Im trying to get the softist and most forgiving hides to work with ,you know when a 20 inch neck stays a 20 inch neck.Thank you for any help and advice

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Not Bruce but,

This response submitted by Paul on 1/28/02. ( )

I use both products. EZ100 is a submerceable tan, Liquid Tan is a paint on. I use Safty acid with both. EZ100 needs appro. 20 hour tanning time, then you have to apply the oil and let it set for 4 to 6 hours, since I am a part timer limits me to tanning on weekends. I find I get a little less shrinkage around the eyes with the EZ but for the most part they work fairly equal. When all steps are followed corectly I get the same stretch and size I started with. You can contact Bruce for more info, but hope this helps some...Paul

Saftee Acid is Good!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/29/02. ( )

Yes - Saftee Acid is an excellent pickling acid for paint-ons, EZ-100 or Lutan F! Paul gave you some good advice! If you need more info - E-Mail me.

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