PH level rising

Submitted by Ant on 1/28/02. ( )

Hey guys,

I have a deer hide in a pickle solution of Rittle's EZ-100 kit. I have already rough fleshed and soaked in this solution for the 3 days recommended. Have taken it out and fleshed it out more. It is back into the pickle solution now and I am gonna leave it until the weekend, but I noticed today that the PH level is up to 2. Do I just add some more saftee acid or what? I haven't seen tis in any of the directions I have or read. If so, how much at a time do I need to add? Something like 1 tblspoon or what?


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2 is fine.

This response submitted by John C on 1/28/02. ( )

even up to 3.0 but if it were me and it rose above 2.5 I would add some acid. Thats been covered oh, about a gazillion times. But NO you have the rest of the story.


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whatever you need to bring it back down to below two. i usually tan mine after three days, but if your gonna leave them in there id keep an eye on the ph. there is tons of info on this in the archives


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Thanks for the info......

I have been keeping an eye one it for the last couple of days. I stir it well about twice a day and will get to tanning this Saturday.

Anyway, thanks again


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