do you have to salt a hide

Submitted by jack911 on 1/30/02. ( )

I have a guy who tans hides was going to try him but not sure he says you dont have to salt a hide be for you tan it.I do mostly antelop,and elk what is the advice out there? I dont know much about tanning but understand you have to salt untill dry to work

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This response submitted by Dave B. on 1/30/02. ( )

Hello Jack,
Man...there's just TONS of information on this subject in the Archives.For Tanning, Salting is a must and has so many benifits.
Do you have to salt rock hard? NO...but it sure has its advantages. Hair setting is just one of them.
But for me....I would never put my capes or hides into a pickle until I gave the skins 2 good saltings for 24 hours at a time. I want the skin to be thirsty for the pickle by drawing out all as much of the exsisting fluids that remain in the skin as would a sponge. The more moisture you remove from a sponge, the more moisture it can sop up! Thats exactly what you want that skin to do. And salting will do this for you.
DO NOT skip the salting process!

Have a good day,
P.S.....Dont forget the Archives!

Actually no.

This response submitted by Todd B on 1/30/02. ( )

I salt all of my skins. But he is correct. If the skin is fleshed well and put on a stretcher and air dried it would be fine. I live near a fur buyer and that is all that is done to his coon,muskrat,opposum and any other skins he processes. I still highly reccomend the salting. And as Dave said it removes alot of junk.

Todd B

Not salting an Antilope?

This response submitted by Paul P on 1/31/02. ( )

Jack Dave has covered it, but I would go one step farther on the Antilope capes. They are delicate to start with, I would salt at least cardboard hard. Then I would use a wet tan to minimize the mechanical action on the cape. We tan loads of Antilope and firmly suggest that the customer have them done wet tan.

The only way not to salt the hide is if you put it in the pickle directly after skinning and fleshing. But salting is still a better step as discussed above.

I would not air dry an Antilope. It is fine for Coon and Musckrat.

Paul P

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