Liqua Tan cape has chin slippage.Help!

Submitted by Tim on 3/1/02. ( TWMUTINA@ )

The cape was in excellent shape.The head arrived frozen.I caped,turned lips nose and ears and salted for two days and let dry hard.Rehydrated and soaked Pre Tan 110 for about 12 hours.During my shaving process I noticed that the hair on the chin came out really easy.It was not lose before.I know that Liqua Tan has hair setting capabilities but will it lock this hair in when it dries?I went ahead an applied the Liqua Tan and let it set over night rolled up and then froze it.What should I do next?

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mount it

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 3/1/02. ( )

I would stiil mount it but becarefull around the chin. It seams and this is only what I get from reading your post, you may have shave the skin a bit to far down and cut into the hair roots of the chin.

If this is the proplem use a good hide paste epo-grip, mount it and hopefully this will grap the hair and hold it on place.

Pre tan soak was way to long of time.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 3/1/02. ( )

Liqua tan is one of the simplest tans, I have to ask how do people mess it up?

Since it was first sold to the public, its always been skin, turn ruff flesh, salt (letting it drain) resalt, now either dry hard or straight into the pickle, I use the later, pickle flesh, shave thin, what ever you want to call it, repickle, 24 hours, thin more of needed, nuetrilze with 1/2 cup baking soda until I have a 4.5-5 ph on the skin, paint on LT, dry in front of a fan. Rehyderate with clear water and ERA laundry soap. tumble and mount. Really its simple, that long aresed soak it what caused the slip.

No Pickle?

This response submitted by Jeff C on 3/3/02. ( )

You didnt say anything about pickling the cape? You also said the cape arrived frozen, do you know how long the cape was laying around before someone froze it and then brought it to you? Jeff C

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