Whats a reasonable time to wait for a Bear rug?

Submitted by Brendan on 3/1/02. ( )

In your opinion, how long does it take the "average" full time taxidermist to complete a black bear rug?

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Within the time frame..........

This response submitted by Dave B. on 3/1/02. ( dave.belanger@cabelas.com )

.........that your Taxidermist gave you! If they told you 6 months, then around 6 months is reasonable. If the said 1 1/2 years, then I feel this is reasonable.If they're "A Bit Behind", be patient with them. Most Taxidermist have lots of work to do and DO try to reach their deadlines.If you have concerns, I feel that you should pay him a friendly visit and talk to him about it.

Good luck and have a good day,

Great Answer Dave

This response submitted by Mick on 3/1/02. ( MicD63@aol.com )

In terms of actual labor, it depends on the taxidermist doing the rug. How efficient they are with their time, as well as how much of the work they do themselves, and how much they contract out, and to whom. If you are thinking more along the lines of total turnaround time, Dave's answer is on the money. I'm sure alot of taxidermists deal with the "Geez, it takes ten months to do a deerhead?" from their less patient customers. Just tell them, "Nope, it only takes 8 hours and a week of drying, but it takes 1600 hours to complete the 200 jobs ahead of yours." I think many of our customers think we take in "stuffin jobs" one at a time.

2 1/2 years

This response submitted by Brendan on 3/1/02. ( )

I've been waiting 2 1/2 years and have paid $635.00. He told me 1 year ago it was done, then the story changed to almost done, then its done again and he has to pick it up from the person who sews the backing on. He always says he'll call me real soon but never does. Now I've written him a letter giving him til March 29th to give me the rug in whatever stage of completion its in with a refund for any unfinished work. At first he said "10-12 months", a few months later when I stopped by with a payment, he said he was "almost all caught up and I'll have it done in a few weeks to a month" (about 8 months since I brought it in)Like I said, last year about this same time he told me "its done I'm putting the final touches on but would like to keep it for an extra week to show it at a home and sport show." He either means to get done and never does or I'm begginning to think he sold it for a quick buck. Either way I'll find out on 3/29/02. If he doesn't produce it, I'll be filing in small claims court. I know he's busy, but I also know many other mounts have come and gone and I'm stilling waiting and have paid with nothing to show for it. Had he told me 2.5-3 or 4 years I would still be patient. but considering the story changes, I've had it!


This response submitted by Frank on 3/1/02. ( )

Don't know actually where you are going with this but... Start to finish If I had nothing but that rug to do, 3 months at the tannery...1 month of mounting and strecthing,couple more weeks of sewing...I would say 4 1/2 months. But hey thats just me!

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