Tanning in PA

Submitted by Bob on 3/1/02. ( rdschniers@yahoo.com )

I have question about getting something tanned in pa. I am a hobbiest and have been doing my own animals the last couple years useing the dp method and i know all the debate about that. I am going bear hunting this fall and if i am lucky enough to get a bear i want to do a lifesize mount, but i want to have the hide tanned because of what i have read here in this forum and i want to make sure this turns the best it can. So back to my origanal question can a hobbiest get an animal tanned at a tannery in the state of pennsylvania. I know there are some messed up laws about taxidermy in this state so any info would be helpful

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East Coast Tannery may be the way to go

This response submitted by Kristoph on 3/1/02. ( skinme2@aol.com )

there in Perkasie Pa and do a great bear. 1-877-tan-furs. Great guys to deal with too!As far as not being licensed, you'll have to discuss that with them, give em a call.....and good luck to you

as far as i know

This response submitted by jz on 3/1/02. ( )

the only law that would concern you is the law that states that you need lisc to buy or sell furs or skins in pa. if the bear hide is yours you can do what you want. just my opinion you need to be a lawyer or politician to advance yourself in this state.

Where are you from in PA?

This response submitted by Mark on 3/4/02. ( )

Where are you located in PA? I know a few tanning companys here in PA.

Not Far

This response submitted by Bob on 3/7/02. ( )

I live in telford which is near to perkasie. I wonder if i can go over to east coast tannery to talk with them?

getting hides tanned

This response submitted by rod on 10/22/2002. ( r_swope@adelphia.net )

all you have to do is, go to one of your local taxidermist and talk to him.most of the time they wiil do it for a little extra charge. me and my brother do taxidermy.we don`t charge any extra.but go to your local taxidermist and talk to them ...good luck hunting

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