John C. /chin slippage

Submitted by Tim on 3/1/02. ( )

John thanks for the response.I figured to long in the pre tan was probably what caused the slippage but I read in FOSTER'S supply catalog to leave pre tan for 16 HOURS.Do you think that this hair will set when dry?

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I dont use pretan.

This response submitted by John C on 3/1/02. ( )

I wouold go very lightly on anything that would soften the hide, remember that if the flesh side softens so does the epidermis (hair)side.

Give Mark Daniels a call at Knoblochs Supply.

Myself I tens to stick to the simplest method, lest amount of variables.

I will tell you not everything works 100%, I have worked eight weeks on a caribou, pH of 2.0 and it still is stiff. I dont not use relaxer, and probley should have. Bou hide had been salt dried about 12 months, it was a lot softer yesterday than its been, I also mantained a salt density of 85% Balume scale.

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