Submitted by steve in geneva on 3/21/02. ( )

"mr. WASCO", rick carter, i believe. i just purchased some basacryl and havent had any problems so far. basically i am replacing my "brown lysol" with this product. it is actually only a precaution on my part to avoid slippage since it is often quite hot and humid in my state (of confusion), so i figure a dime's worth of bacteriacide is a dime well invested. anyway my question is: just how toxic is this product? the label has so many cautions on it that i am concerned. is it toxic in its diluted state? can a person just wash his hands immediately after handling the cape and be ok? i dont flesh capes well with gloves on! thanx!

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This response submitted by Bill Haynes on 3/21/02. ( )

copy and paste the address above in your browser. Most of your questions will be answred.

bill haynes, thanks alot

This response submitted by steve in geneva on 3/27/02. ( )

bill, you answered my querie about basacryl on 3/21/02. unfortunately your answer (a web address) did not hold the information that i am seeking.(by the way, i had already read that posting from the basacryl achives. yes i did my homework prior to writing a new forum question!) i would welcome any further info that you have on the toxicity of basacryl, and of course anyone else who might have access the the msds on this.

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