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I am tanning some deer capes with liqua-tan. I am using formic acid that is suppose to be 90% strong at minimum. I mixed up the pickle solution with 4 pounds salt-4 gallons water and added formic acid until I achieved a ph range to stay between 2.5 and 3.0. I pickled 2 capes and tanned them and then added 2 more capes to the pickle. I have since added almost a quart of formic acid to stay within the ph range I want. It seems like that is an awful large amount of formic acid to pickle 4 capes. If anyone could tell me what could be wrong or I was wondering if maybe the formic acid is weak. I purchased it from Dixieland and Willis told me it was at least 90% so I don't think it should be that but?



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Yes it is 90% strength.

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What happens is the acid pickle does get weaker the more you use it. So it has to be adjusted once in a while, all depending on how hard you use it. Try WASCO'S Acid bath crystals or Rittels they rrequire less to achive the proper pH.

formic acid/ john c

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But do you think that 1 quart of formic acid to do 4 deer capes is normal?

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