Rehydration of capes

Submitted by Todd Broussard on 3/22/02. ( )

Capes have been in the pickle bath using safetee acid for 2 days. Capes were salted and thoroughly dried. I did not rehydrate them prior to pickling with a relaxor. Salt was included in the bath per instructions. My question is there a method to further relax the skins prior to the fleshing process once they have been in the pickle bath for 2 days? I have searched the archives and could not find an answer for this question. I would appreciate any insight to this issue. Thanks.

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This response submitted by Mark B on 3/22/02. ( )

YOU first need to rehydrate the capes prior to pickle. It could take as long as 15 hours depending on type of capes. capes don't really rehydrate in a pickle because of the salt.

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