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Hi Mr. Rittel,

I bought a snake tanning kit from you and after reading the directions, I have a few questions. First, before reading on this forum, I treated the skin with alcohol and glycerin. Will this make a difference with trying to tan the skin with your kit? Also, I have only one skin and wanted to know if I could cut the pickling solution in half so I wouldn't waste anything. Thank you!


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It will affect it!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/23/02. ( )

As far as using only half the Kits materials to tan only 1 skin goes -thats shouldnt be a problem. In fact, I'd probably recommend it.

But - since the skin already has been preserved using alcohol and glycerine - that could be a problem. Those 2 ingredients must be removed or they will retard any real tanning. Do you have any lacquer thinner? Most Hardware stores carry it. Use it outdoors - it's highly flamable. Soak the skin in some - using it pure - for about 2 hours. Then remove it, gently squeeze out the excess, and wash the skin in a Dish Detergent solution. Then rinse and allow the skin to drain for 1 hour. At this point the skin should be ready to be pickled and tanned.

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