mounting with liqua tan

Submitted by tim on 3/23/02. ( )

This is my first time mounting a tanned cape.It was tanned with liqua tan.I will be using an epoxy hide paste and was wondering if the hide needed to be cleaned with anything so that the glue would stick good.

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prep your form with a spray adhesive

This response submitted by Kelley on 3/23/02. ( )

a spray adhesive(you can buy mannequin prep or go to local
wal-mart or any hardware store and get any brand)will assist
in gluing hide to form. spray on form not hide.


This response submitted by George on 3/23/02. ( )

Kelly, the suggestion may work somewhat on other processes, but spray glue is contact cement and epoxy is industrial adhesive. The epoxy may attach to the contact cement, but it's best hold is still no better than the contact cement contacting the form.

Tim, wash your cape thoroughly and spin dry if possible. I wrap the hide, skin side out, in a towel until it is "tacky" to the touch. Then mount. PRIOR to this, however, you prep your form by sanding or scratching. You can use a ruffer or a scratcher, though I love Rick Carter's gift of a mannikin scratcher from WASCO. Once the form's release agent has been removed by the scratching, the epoxy then has a surface to grab or gain "tooth" to. Once properly prepped, the epoxy will not release and the detail in the form will be imparted onto the cape itself.

Agree with George

This response submitted by CHUCK on 3/24/02. ( )

Sometimes I'm one of the few that does. I too use Liqui tan and Epo grip products.Rinsing after the tanning time and tumble in hardwood sawdust to further dry the hair and soak up some moisture on the surface -15 minutes is all it takes. Prep your form as George stated-I made my own ruffer from a 2 inch wire cup(from hardware store,wire wheel basically)and a 8 inch piece of 1 inch dowel epoxy the shaft of the wire cup into a hole in the end of the dowel and wait overnight for it to dry. it may have cost me about $5.00 to make.make sure you ruff up all the creases on the form well -thats where it would drum first .Also make sure the earliners fit a little loose.

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