Bleach for bactericide

Submitted by buck on 3/24/02. ( )

Can over the counter clorox bleach be added to the rehydration bath to curb bacteria growth?

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I wouldnt!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/24/02. ( )

Why would you want to do that - unless you want to lighten darker colors. I wouldnt do it!

If using a Bacteriacide makes you feel better - buy a commercial Bacteriacide like our Rittel's Bacteriacide/Fungicide (PS-650) made specifically for tanning. Considering you only need to use 1 fl. oz. for every 8 gallons of Water, to make it effective - it goes a long way! One Quart will treat 256 gallons.


This response submitted by cyclone on 3/25/02. ( )

Bleach contains sodium hypochorite, it is basic and will cause hair to slip.
Many moons ago I dunked a chipmunk in a bleach solution to rid it of lice, it worked
but also ridded the critter of it's hair! ~:0


This response submitted by cyclone on 3/25/02. ( )

sodium hypochlorite...forgot the L....


This response submitted by CUR on 3/25/02. ( )

Let me give you an example of what bleach will do to natural furs and other organic substances:

Years ago, I used to do a lot of greeting card illustrations for Gibson greetings. The art director there suggested I try Dr. Martin's synthetic dyes for brilliance. The dyes are analine based and not color fast, but they do produce brilliance in the finished work. Clorox will bleach the dyes our to nothingness in seconds and it can be used to make snow and other effects with the pigments or to "erase" brush stroke errors. I use Winsor Newton Series Seven Sable brushes. The clorox would eat the hair from those brushes as quickly as would battery acid. Granted, it was used full strength, but it certainly attacks and alters - even dissolves - fur, scales and feathers.

best use for bleach

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 3/25/02. ( )

is to cut it with water and use to disinfect tools and tables. The follow with plain old H2O.

Dave Toms

My dad uses Clorax Bleach To Clean Th eShower! Help!

This response submitted by Steph on 08/03/2002. ( )

Hi! My name is Steph, and I have a huge problem! My dad use Clorax Bleach to clen the bathrooms in our house every week, and it hurts me in the long run. There are days when I'll come home from school, or work at like 5, 6, 7, 10 at night and I'll walk in and can't even brath because of the smell that lingers in the house. I feel like my chest gets really tight, and sometimes I even have to run to the kitchen for a glass of water, because I begin to chocke. I feel like my airway is comptly blocked off! My dad just ingors it, and tells me to stop acting like a baby! I have also been sick more then normal over the last year, and think that this could be the reason. Could He be putting my health in danger? If so, how do I stop him? Should I talk to my family doctor about it? Please help.

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