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Submitted by Eric on 3/28/02. ( www.Magee@Pathway.net )

Does one have to rehydrate a wet tan from a commercial tannery before mounting? Thanks, Eric

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This response submitted by George on 3/28/02. ( georoof@aol.com )

It's WET tanned.

Its ready

This response submitted by John W. on 3/29/02. ( )

Eric, the wet tanned skin has not been dried, so you can put in a plastic bag and the fridge to let it sweat and you should be ready to go .

In My Experience...

This response submitted by Jason Gerber on 3/29/02. ( jason_gerber@yahoo.com )

In my experience the term "wet tanned" can range anywhere from dripping wet to borderline dried stiff, so it really depends on the company you are dealing with. It's really a judgement call on the part of each individual taxidermist whether or not you need the cape to be hydrated more or not. Unfortunately the only way to find a wet tanning service you like is to try out a few different ones. In my opinion they all have good and bad points, so it's just a matter of searching till you can find one that suits your needs. I guess I kond of got off the subject a little, but the answer to your question is it's really up to you on whether to rehydrate your capes once they have been wet tanned. I personally would rather start out out working with a cape that's more wet than too dry. Best of luck to you.


This response submitted by George on 3/30/02. ( )

I guess I shouldn't belabor the point, but I will. Commercially WET tanned hide should not need "rehydrating" regardless. That implies soaking them in warm water with a surfactant for an hour or so, placing them in a plastic bag, and refrigerating them overnight. If MY commercial wet tans needed that, you can bet I'd be finding another tannery. And today's wet tans have a WORLD of difference over what we had less than 5 years ago. It's tough to beat them for taxidermy work.

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