Preserving a paw?

Submitted by Gregory Scott on 3/29/02. ( )

Just looking around for opinions on how to best preserve a badgers paw I have frozen? I want to use it as a educational piece, it's cut at the upper hock. No taxidermy experience, but if you say, 'Well, pickle it!' then please supply a link, or directions, that I could follow.



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Your only option....

This response submitted by Chris on 3/29/02. ( )


is to skin the hide away from the leg bone and remove all the bone, meat and fat down to the last joint where the toe nail originates from. There is no process that is going to preserve a large chunk of meat for any length of time. then you are going to have to preserve the remaining hide and foot pad with either one of the dry preservatives or tan it. If you use a dry preservative you will need to inject the toe pads with something like "balmex" to maintain their integrity as well. You can rebuild the overall structure of the foot once it is preserved with some clay to maintain the shape.



This response submitted by Dave on 4/6/02. ( )

There is another way.
have it freezedried.
I have a client that brings me all his dead pets paws (yeah, weird)
and I have them freezedried and hes never had a problem over the last 10 years.
Just get it freezedried.

Freak ;)

This response submitted by Gregory Scott on 4/7/02. ( )

Pet's paws? Thanks for your help!

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