disaster struck! Fox Ruined! Looking back wondering what hap

Submitted by Coach on 4/1/02. ( )

Hey guys,

I usually stick to turkeys but I thought I would try to mount a gray fox. I tanned a couple of coons about a year ago so I thought I would try it again.

I cleaned the gray fox, salted it until it was rock hard, then I re-hydrated it. I let it sit overnight in a salt-water solution. I then took it out to wash and put in the pickle, and as I washed it the hair came out by the hand fulls. I ended up throwing it away.

Now looking back I wonder what I did wrong. One thing I did different from the coon was I used a wire wheel to flesh the hide. I wonder if this generated too much heat or something.

Any Ideas? I would hate for this to happen again.


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Letting it set over night in salt water!

This response submitted by John C on 4/1/02. ( )

Fox can burn on a wire wheel, plus letting set in salt water. Along with all the varieables of freezing and thawing.

Skin while the canis is still semi-frozen. Split and turn everything. With a coarse wire wheel remove the bits of flesh, I seldom worry about the membrane on any fox, it seems to work out well for me.

Like I mentioned the coarse wire wheel works very well. I might add that it is on a 1 1/2 horse bench grinder. Just ruff the membrane up weel.

A lot of things

This response submitted by Roger on 4/1/02. ( Emery30@msn.com )

can go wrong when you are dealing with thin-skinned predators and their hides. That said, I have found that any time between salting and actually putting a fox hide in the pickle is time better spent in other ways. I would eliminate any overnight salt water soak, and I would wait to flesh the skin until after a couple days of pickle solution. Do the fleshing at this point, and then put the fox back in the pickle for awhile again. Don't over-neutralize before the tan, and you will be alright. Good luck.

help with fox tan

This response submitted by Tom on 4/2/02. ( tackleberry347@yaho.com )

I am in the finishing stages of a red fox myself I air dried the hide for three days then put it in the rehydration solution for only a couple of hours just long enough to relax it the took it out and put it right in the pickle fox hide as you know is thin it doesnt take as long to rehydrate hope this helps for next time Tom

hair slippage

This response submitted by Dan Frazier on 4/3/02. ( appledan )

I received 3 prime deer skins last fall. Immediately covered each flesh side in about one inch of salt. Let them rest for a week, then cleaned and salted again. One week later, fleshed on the beam, then into the saltwater bath. Used EZ-100 tanning kit as directed. Once out of the pickle, the hair came out in huge amounts. I finished the process anyway to see if I could salvage the hides. Once finished, the hides are hard as a brick. I have tried everything to soften them,including mamman-tan softener oil, murphy's oil soap, glycerine, and finally a liberal application of baby oil. That seems to be working some, but the hide is really oily now, and a really crummy shade of brown on the flesh side. Any suggestions would be welcome. The only thing I can figure as far as the hair slippage is that the hides could have been about a week old before I got them

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