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Has anyone tried to use Liquid tan only on a well fleshed and salted bear hide. I want to full body the bear in a hurry, but don't have time to sent to a tanner. Any opinions?

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This response submitted by gordon c. on 3/2/02. ( )

I have never done it;I would not do it. But in a hurry and wanting to control tanning,--- I would flesh, salt, wash, rehydrate, PICKLE , scrub flesh side with gasoline and tan with whatever. This process will take a week. My preference would be Lutan-F, but I would not hesitate to use Liquid Tan by Knoblock. The tan works.

As you probably know, fur slipping is relatively easy on bear skins. This should be top-most in mind. Tanning efforts should be directed to minimize this problem with bear.Use a time clock and bacteria killer in all solutions. good luck

I've used it on two bears

This response submitted by Mike L. on 3/2/02. ( )

The bear I did last year had some minor slippage.(not due to the Liqua Tan, but to poor field care by my dad) The bear rug I'm doing this year had no problems. You want to salt dry the hide until it's hard. (mine took 2 or 3 weeks) Then rehydrate, pickle, reflesh, degrease, pickle again, nutralize and then tan. I don't have a ton of experence, but this worked good for me. Good Luck!

would do a bear but,,,,

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i wouldnt chance a beautifull creature like a bear , but you would be amazed how well the liquid tan really does! i took note from the experience peoples and got scrapes to experiment on, and one peice from a deer back,, only fleshed and then liquid tanned is amazing
, i did a chipmonk skin with it to! and would quander to guess is a good alternative to dp with small critters.

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