Need quality tannery close to north Georgia

Submitted by John on 3/2/02. ( )

Does anyone know of a dependable tannery close to Georgia? Also, whats the difference in wet or dry tanned, and how much should I be willing to pay for deer hides (shoulder mount)?

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This response submitted by George on 3/2/02. ( )

I have to ask. What does the tannery being close to northern Georgia have to do with it. You STILL have to send them SOMEPLACE. Carolina Fur is in Raleigh NC and does exceptional work. Go to the homepage and look under the tanneries and select one. Go back to the opening page and type in "wet tan/dry tan" under the "What do you want to know" block and you'll find your other questions have been answered in detail.

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This response submitted by Gary Kies on 3/3/02. ( )

We are located in southern Michigan. If you think we can be of service give us a call toll free 877-787-3665 and we can chat. Web page address

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