How much Oxalic equals 1 oz.

Submitted by Tim on 3/2/02. ( )

I dont have a scale either so let me try.How much oxalic equals 1oz.

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I think you already have your answer!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/2/02. ( )

If you buy your Oxalic Acid from Rittels Tanning Supplies - then 2 level Tablespoonfuls equal 1 Ounce by weight. I E-Mailed you this information earlier.

Buy a mail scale, or a food scale

This response submitted by BobB on 3/2/02. ( )

If you are serious about doing taxidermy and using acid for pickles, you have to get serious enough to buy a scale, ph paper, etc.
Any office supply store will carry relatively inexpensive mail scales (non electric) that will do the trick. Most discount store also carry food portion scales that will read in ounces.

curious on oxalic acid!

This response submitted by joe on 3/12/02. ( )

i use citric because i have heard of a danger with oxalic can you telll me how danger ous and how do you get rid of it? if thats a fact < does oxalic give a more thorough pickle?thanks joe

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