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Submitted by Robert on 3/3/02. ( )

Hello, I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I have a whitetail cape that is luftan f. It was not shaved very well and is drying out. Also it was supposed to fit a form that had a neak measurement of 19 1/4 inches and now I can"t even pulll it over the back of the eyes. It is the same skin that I sent to the tanner but the nek seems to be small 17" or so below the ears. Will shaving this hide and rehraydrating it help? Or do I need to order a new form. Thanks for the input. Bob

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Yes shaving and rehydrating it what you do!.

This response submitted by John C on 3/3/02. ( )

A good bench and a good curriers knife will fix the problem in a few minutes. Was the cape 20 inches before hand? if not the form is to large.

John C

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John, the cape measured 19 1/2 around the neck after I skinned it out. The form is the same size. Is there a good calculation to figure out what size of form to order or is it, you should order the same size form as the cape or one or two inches small then your cape when you skinned it? Thanks Bob

What I do is test fit the cape on the brand of forms I use

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Each manufacter has their own ways of measuring it seems.

Now lets look at your current problem. Remembering a green cape will stretch easily. It could be possible you did stretch it. Capes will stretch either long or wide. Not both.

So lets look at thinning the hide 3/16ths of a inch is where I like to get them, allows strength and stretch.

So the cape is still tight, now come the time to work it, work it. make it wide, if you have extra length on the cape you can make it work.

When I get a cape that measures say the 19 1/2 I will drop to a 18 inch swelled neck form. Several reason for this.

1. Shrinkage, tanning and drying after the mount.
A swelled neck form looks far better than a 19 1/2 prerut form for me.

2. Its going to allow you to put the amount of detail you want in the mount. So if you like the super muscled "Arnold Swatsadeer" you can have them.

3. It allows you the maximum for the taxi part of dermy. You can make the hair patterns line a whole lot easier.

4. No use a lot of hide adhesive too. I paint it on the cape and the form. Work more hide over the top of the shoulders this will allow you to pullit down on to the bbrisket and front of shoulders.

5. What all this is doing is taking you to the point where you can produce a good looking, customer pleasing mount. Even by using a smaller form.

I dont worry much about the face numbers, most face measurements are followed fairly close by neck measurements. the face when thinned well will let out a lot. The deer can almost use a huge head replacement, but I dont! I use the one on the form. Its rare that I use a larger replacment head.

How did you relax the hide after it came back from the tanners?

a couple teaspoons of baking soda in a gallon of very warm water, sponge this on the hide lightly the hide will wet back, BE CAREFUL DONT OVER DO IT!

It will slip when you over do it.


I think with the things listed this will fix all your problems on this deer.

Hope all this helps if not E-mail me and we will look at a couple other items, for emergency use only.

Sometimes I dont answer questions, since a few people get upset, I do back off and give others a chance.

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