frezzer burn hides

Submitted by Bill on 3/4/02. ( )

I have a few deer capes I found at the bottom of the frezzer the ears, & eye lids will proply be dryed out. Is there a way to soften these up. Thank you,

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Sure Rittels 609

This response submitted by John C on 3/4/02. ( )

Much of my own specimens are freezer burned. My feelings are if you dont know how to deal with freezer burn you should find another job.

Just flesh out what you can, soak lightly in a mix with 609 relaxer and work the flesh every few minutes they relax really easy.


This response submitted by Craig on 3/5/02. ( )

The poor guy just asked a question. You didn't have to shoot him down before you answered him. If we all knew all the answers, this forum would cease to exsist. What if I said my feelings were that if you have a freezer full of freezer burned mounts, you should seek employment elsewhere. I won't say it though, because, like you, I can't get to the customer stuff fast enough, let alone my own.

Is this a website help or to discourage taxidermists?

This response submitted by Doug on 3/5/02. ( )


You are entitled to have feelings. If you want folks to stop asking questions on this forum, keep giving those type of responses.

Things Don't Change!

This response submitted by Todd on 3/5/02. ( )

John, that sounded like most taxidermist's answer twenty years ago!Things have changed and we shouldn't mind teaching in today's business. I wish that there would have been a resource like this when I first started out twenty-two years ago!Don't you remember as well.

I'm glad things have changed

This response submitted by Brad on 3/5/02. ( )

I just wanted to say thanks to Todd for his perspective. If it were 20 years
ago no one except a few would be able to enjoy the art of taxidermy. Many of us
are not the Taxidermy guru's they a few of you think you are. What you may not
realize is it just makes the good taxidermist more appreciated, because
us beginners respect it more. Not only that but, it to me an extenuation
of the times when I can not be outdoors. So even though a few of you may
get frustated by what you perceive as the same dumb questions, take it easy
on us until we are the taxidermy guru's you believe yourself to be. And
thanks to all those with the perspective/attitude that Todd has shown.

Geez, so I voted for Pres. Bush.

This response submitted by John C on 3/5/02. ( )

Damn boys, my own mounts are the burned ones, why because they clients are done.

NO I explained why you should know how to fix a problem. Let me tell you one I heard at the last World Show. as famous fish taxidermist said "When they are freezer burned , I throw them out."

So none of you pruist have taken in a fish, duck or some other critter that the customer has let dry in their freezer. (yes its a statment not a question) You are never going to help a client out who screwed up?

Now go back and look at where I went with the reply. DOnt chastise me for teaching someone how to fix a problem that may come through the door tomorrow. You are far from perfect yourself!

Instead of jumping my ass because you read the reply and felt it was wrong, why dont you post how you would fix the problem.

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