Submitted by Dave on 3/7/02. ( )

Ok, I have a cape which is salted really hard.
I was told to soak it in a salt brine for an HOUR or TWO.
Its now been about 4 hours and its hardly hydrated at all!
I just threw some lysol in it because I'm getting worried.
How long will it take?
Did I do something wrong?

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dry cape

This response submitted by joe birchler on 3/7/02. ( )

It may take 8-12 hours or to rehydrate. take it out and put it on your beem and run your fleshing knife on it to help open the pores up.Throw it back in and keep checking every couple hours. If it was salted dried properly it will be ok to leave it for awhile. the salt in the cape will keep bacteria from taking off. Just don't rush putting it the pickle too soon before it is rehydrated,or the pickle won't penetrate the skin. I have left mine overnight to do the job.


This response submitted by Dave on 3/7/02. ( )

Ok, thanks!

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