Hair slippage on fox ears

Submitted by Dana Shultz on 3/13/02. ( )

I have attempted to tan 2 red fox now, using HIDE TANNING FORMULA out of Las Vegas,Nevada, I'm not sure I like this stuff. Anyway, the hair on the head and ears is fine throughout the process, but after I soak the hide in the salt bath and rinse it, the hair comes out in big wads and the tanning of the entire fox is ruined. I even skin the ears way out to the tips. Any help on how to prevent or stop this would be greatly appreciated, also any good products to use.
Dana Shultz
Allison, Iowa

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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 3/13/02. ( )

Is your main problem here. But to be honest here what are your steps in getting a fox and how are you handling it after you recieve it. This is were the problems lie. Tell us this and then we maybe able to crack down just were you made a mistake.

my quess is...

This response submitted by Larry on 3/13/02. ( )

you soaked the hide too long in a pickling solution that was too weak.Then maybe too much "handling"of the ears.Just my quess.

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