Help! Groundhog skin layer seperation

Submitted by BDrake on 3/14/02. ( )

I took in groundhog that appears to be in good condition. I thawed the critter over night and skinned him out, I then put him on the fleshing beam and began fleshing, when I got to the tail area I saw that the skin had seperated into 2 layers beginning at my dorsal insision. It is a good 3"x4" area. One layer is the fur with a tissue paper thin layer of skin, the other layer is a thicker layer of skin. When I fleshed the other side of the tail, the same thing happened on that side to. Has anyone seen this before? Do you know if it will hold up and the hair not fall out? I seen my fair sharer of "hair slip" but this is totally different. Any educated suggestions? I`am posting this in the mammal section also. Thanks, BDrake

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I've seen Sheepskins do this!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/15/02. ( )

I've had Sheepskins do this and it always puzzled me until I had a long talk with a Sheepskin Tanner. When they load Sheep onto the Trailers to go to slaughter, they pick them up by their wool to throw them onboard. He felt that this pulled the roots and the epidermis away from the actual flesh and created this problem. It makes sense - but I dont know how it may relate to a problem in Groundhogs.


This response submitted by BDrake on 3/15/02. ( )

for the email Bruce.

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