Do commercially tanned capes need shaving?

Submitted by Dave on 3/16/02. ( )

Generally speaking, if you send out a cape to be tanned commercially
do they shave it enough to mount or do you have to shave it
down some more in order to mount it properly?

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This response submitted by Doug on 3/16/02. ( )

Hi Dave,
I get my capes commercially tanned. I always have to do the very fine work around the eyes, nostrils, and nosepad with a scalpel. The overall shaving is OK, but if I had a big wheel fleshing machine, I'd definitely thin the neck. I can SEE from the edge of the incision that it's thicker than I'd like it to be. The shavers don't want to shave the capes extra thin because of the danger of shaving holes, and I don't find fault with that. However, fellows who have their own fleshing machines in their shops can really thin the hide down to the hair roots and get significant extra stretch. What I am saying (IMHO) is that you don't HAVE to shave capes any more to mount, but it would be best if you
Good luck!

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