Tanning with Luftan F

Submitted by Jay on 3/18/02. ( jj78629@Yahoo.com )

I read the archive's but need to ask a question. I'm going to try Luftan for the first time. When I measure the Luftan powder, and salt, do I weigh it, or just use a measuring cup? If you weigh it, what kind of scale do you use? Also, when I drain cape, after neutralizing, should it be wetter than if you were using Liqua-tan to put the hot oil on? Thanks Jay

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your Lutan has directions with it doesn't it?

This response submitted by Todd B on 3/18/02. ( tddbuch@aol.com )

I am not trying to be smart but just follow the directions. The skin should be drained and weighed so you will know the correct amount of tan. If you do not have directions e-mail me and I will get mine and send you the info you need.

Todd B

Weigh it

This response submitted by Dan K on 3/19/02. ( furandhide@papadocs.come )

I weigh it using a postal scale (maybe Wal Mart. Office Depot or Staples for sure for about $5.) About the same dampness as using liqua-tan to oil after tanning. Not dripping, just damp. I spin everything out in a washing machine after neutralizing weather using liqua-tan or after the lutan (and rinse) and before the oiling. The only difference is using liqua-tan, I turn hide fur side out to let fur (or Hair) dry while tan is soaking in. With lutan, I will lay out for overnight with fur out to dry and oil the next day. After repairing any holes if needed. But I do mostly flat hides with lutan, whereas I use the liqua-tan mostly on capes.
Dan K

Todd B

This response submitted by don on 3/19/02. ( )

The directions that come with the Lutan are not clear. They state amounts in ounces, but of course this could be by weight or volume. I had this very question and have asked multiple people, including the supplier and never got a straight answer.

tryed both ways

This response submitted by bill b on 3/19/02. ( )

i have tryed both ways with scales and in a mearsuring cup and have not noticed any differance.

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