My Capes are Ruined

Submitted by Jim Weisgarber on 3/19/02. ( )

I went on Safari to South Africa and was fortunate enough to get a nice Kudu and a good Nyala, as well as some smaller stuff. my wife also got a great Kudu. My problem starts here. When we recevied our headskins here in Canada, we had our Taxidermist send them out to a tannery, when they came back they were with several other items all of which were ok except the 2 kudu and the Nyala which hardly had a hair left on them. my taxidermist called the tannery and they suggested all hides were prob done in the same batch and that the original prep work was the reason for the poor skins( we also sent 1 kudu and 1 Nyala backskin) I was suspicious as the rest of the shipment was ok and was fortunate enough to get some more headskins from my PH in RSA. We sent these to a different tannery and they came back good, the kicker is we also sent the remaining backskins from the animals which the 1st tannery sd were prepped poorly and suprise of suprises, the original backskins came back PERFECT. Now the original headskins were prime animals with great manes and hides and the replacementts my PH got us were only so-so. Now I see that the originals were excellent and it was obviously the tannerys fault I want some better headskins. I guess this is all a rant but the end objective is I am looking for 2 kudu and 1 nyala wet tanned headskins in excellent shape and the Nyala is for a pedestal mount..... any one who can steer me in the right direction i would appreciate it as well as some expected costs.

Thanks Jim W

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Kudu Cape

This response submitted by Old Fart on 3/19/02. ( )

Contact Jim at Sportsman's Taxidermy, I know that he has a good fresh kuku cape.

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