Water softener

Submitted by Kevin on 4/2/02. ( )

I just had a water softener installed in my house. If I use this water for pickling and tanning will it be ok? or should I still use the hard water.

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ph levals

This response submitted by shane on 4/2/02. ( htaxidermy@mcn.net )

it should be fine, along your ph levals are what they should beyour tan should be fine, the salt that you use should help soffen your water it my not take as mutch salt to get your ph levals right because
of your water soffner, you my have to play with it to get it right,

Chemistry Class

This response submitted by Old Fart on 4/2/02. ( )

Chemistry used to be a class taught to everyone in high school, apparently it isn't anymore. Hard Water is the presence of minerals(chemical elements) disolved in your water. They will combine with the chemicals you put in your tanning and pickling solutions, making those solutions less effective. Even simple borax/water solutions can be effected, although it would hardly be a critical factor. If your water is hard it will make it harder do disolve the proper chemicals in your tanning solution. The elements in your water may also combine with the chemicals you are using making them less effective and your solution weaker than you want. In most cases(if not all) the water softener will benefit your solutions rather than hinder them, it should take less chemical to make your solution and make what you use more effective.

You should KNOW what is in your water and find out how it will effect the solutions that you are trying to work with. Even laundry detergent can be effected in hard water.

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