my first tanning

Submitted by Mark Mc on 4/2/02. ( )

my son killed his first deer this year and me and him are going to try to tan it...when he killed it we skinned it and fleshed it and then froze it..should we have salted it so what should i do now..and is the kits that you buy from WASCO or Van Dyke's work well...if so witch kit should i buy..just remember i have never tanned a hide and my son is only 12(he might be help and might not)lol...he wants to help with every step..Thanks for any info. Mark Mc

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Rittel's or Knobloch's

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 4/3/02. ( )

Mark you can contact either Bruce Rittle or Mark from Knobloch's and get what you need from them. You can either call them or write to them. They will tell what's best for what your going to try and do. We can tell you this and that works but what works for me may not be good for you. Their's a lot of kits out there but just follow the directions and you will end up with a good tan.

As for the skin yes it would of been better if you salted it. But being in the freezer I would take it out let it thaw in your fridge with the wifes' permission ofcourse. Then salt for 24 hrs shake and resalt for another 24. You can then let it dry hard. By that time your kit will be in and you can then tan the hide.


This response submitted by Mark Mc on 4/3/02. ( )

thanks for the info.. i know next time to salt it first,,one more i salt it 1 time or two times before i freeze it Thanks Mark Mc

No need to freeze

This response submitted by Patrick on 4/3/02. ( )

Unless you can't get to the hide for fleshing right away after you skin it, your best bet is to salt it, wait 24 hours, shake the excess salt off and salt it again. Then let it sit with the second batch of salt on it until it dries hard. Be sure to leave it at an angle until it finishes draining (while the salt is on it- until it dries). This keeps it from laying it its own fluids. Otherwise, it's okay to freeze it until it can be fleshed and salted. You DON'T want to freeze it after it's been salted.

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