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Submitted by Russell on 4/3/02. ( averydesigns@mindspring.com )

Once you get the ph of the ez100 tanning bath at 4 before you place your hides in the solution does it need to be kept at 4 throughout the tanning process?

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here is the answer

This response submitted by len fabich on 4/3/02. ( lfabich@pit.lysd.k12.ak.us )

Some good discussion over this at


Bruce's answer

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/14/01. ( Rittel@mindspring.com )

I once tried to produce a "cream" type product using EZ-100 powder and a jelling substance. What I didnt know at the time was that the jelling substance was a protein, and when I mixed the 2 together - what they produced, looked good as a skin cream, but was useless as a tanning agent! The Ez-100 and the protein combined and bonded!

By mentioning that - what I'm implying is that EZ-100 loves protein and when its in solution it is greatly attracted to any protein placed in the solution. So much so, that when you are finished with the tanning time - you have only a trace amount of EZ-100 left in the water. Its now more salt water than a chemical solution! Even if you put in too much, it will try to bond! So if you "think" there's any EZ-100 left in a once used solution - you're wrong! To reuse the same solution you will have to again use the same amount of EZ-100 for the skin weight involved.

This is a good thing! Obviously environmentally, even though EZ-100 is environmentally friendly, nevertheless, the less of it you dispose of, the less EPA concerns are raised. Basically when you dump your tanning waters - you are dumping a salt solution with trace amounts of the EZ-100!

As for mixing EZ-100 and adjusting the PH. I usually do it this way. I mix the solution using salt and EZ-100 and then check the PH. If not a 4.0 I dip out some of my pickle and adjust it. Once adjusted, I now place the skins in it and allow them to soak for 1-2 hours. I again check the PH. If it needs adjusting I do it again for a 4.0.

The PH will go up overnight as the skins tan and the EZ-100 now bonding to the protein is depleted from the solution - however, after that adjustment 1-2 hours after placing in the skins, I dont adjust again. This PH level going up is normal. Dont find yourself making adjustments throughout the tanning time (usually 16-20 hours).

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