Fleshing machine

Submitted by Kim on 4/5/02. ( )

I use a quebec light flesher.
It works well except for 1 problem!
This is what I do,
1- take the cape out of the pickle and let drain.
2- squeeze the moisture out the best that I can.
3- start shaving on the machine.
Now heres my problem, the moisture and the bits of flesh spray up into my face!

Does anyone else have this problem?
The blade turns in the direction going up so that it shoots pickle
water and flesh into the air and into my face, its very irritating.
Should I be tumbling the hide first to get more moisture out?
If I do tumble it is it ok to put it back into the pickle with
bits of corn cob grit stuck to it?
Thanks in advance!

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wrong way

This response submitted by Jim Grill on 4/5/02. ( jimgrill@optonline.net )

your blade is turning the wrong way it should be spinning down away from you. you have to reverse the direction of your motor some how or get a motor that rotates in the proper direction. Jim

Reverse the polarity if . . .

This response submitted by CHUCK on 4/5/02. ( )

if you supplied and wired your own motor.


This response submitted by Kim on 4/5/02. ( )

Ok well I feel like a complete idiot now!
I could use a good b**** slapping, right cur?
I was very happy with how it fleshed except for
the pickle spraying me.
I will reverse the motor.
Thanks again.

The problem was my mistake!

This response submitted by Gerry on 4/5/02. ( fleshing@atreide.net )

For all to you to know,

The rotation problem was my mistake, Kim gave me a call a few minutes ago and explained his problem. We simply did not invert the two lines to change the rotation, it was our mistake, we ARE human.

I take this oportunity to remind any Quebec machines owners that if you have a problem, what ever, first give me a call. I know my machines, tell me your problem and we will help you to solve it, one way or an other. With a watt line and email it's so easy to communicate, don't hesitate, it's part of the after sale service.


This is how we are supposed to help one another!

This response submitted by Paul on 4/7/02. ( paultaylor_sr@yahoo.com )

This was a pleasant message to read.

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